Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My Life Style Goal For 2014, Part 2

This is how my journey started.

As soon as my daughter turned 6 months old I could put her in child care at the gym. I joined my local 24 Hour Fitness.

My first thoughts were:
1. I have a safe place I can leave my kiddos.
2. Yay! Me time!
3. Wow, look at all the equipment.
4. Holy smokes! Where do I start?

I started with Zumba. I figured if I'm going to work out it might as well be fun. Well, it wasn't fun. I actually felt like I was going to die. I left crying.

After my pity party I decided to make Zumba and any type of exercise a challenge. No matter how hard it got (and still is) I would not give up.

Thankfully I had a friend during that time who had just had a baby also. We were each other's motivators and supporters. She had been to see a nutritionist so she helped me make a plan for my eating.

By changing my eating/nutritional habits and working out my weight started to come off.

I didn't lose a dramatic amount of weight but that wasn't my goal either. I wanted to lose weight and to do it the right way. While I would have loved to lose 20 pounds in two months I knew I couldn't maintain any routine that cause that amount of weight loss in that period of time.

I was trying to change my life style. I was not looking for a quick fix.

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