Monday, July 28, 2014

Its Getting Hot in Here

Last night we noticed that our house was not cooling down.

Yep. Our air conditioner will not blow cool air :(

So we snuck into our the kiddo's rooms and turned their fans on and after a quick wardrobe change for my daughter (long sleeves into short) we were confident they wouldn't get too hot overnight.

I don't know if my daughter was too hot or scared because of her fan but she wanted to party from 2-3 this morning. My hubby has the magic touch and was able to get her back to sleep after I had tried for almost an hour. Thank you honey!

We are going to a friend's house today for refuge from the heat and hopefully we can have someone come out today to fix our unit.

Please pray that it will be fixed quickly and inexpensively, that my kiddos have a fun time at my friend's house, and that they will be able to nap well there.

Thanks! Happy Monday!

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